Software Services

We have great development partners all over the world. We have created our own applications with their help and assist clients lower their development costs.

Business Services

Receive strategic advice and hands-on help on services like VOIP phone systems to Internet connections customized just for you.

IT Managed Services

We provide Managed Services for our small to medium size clients. We can provide 1st to 3rd level support to your IT staff or manage some or all of your IT needs..

Endpoint Services

One of our main focus is the endpoint, whether it being a desktop, laptop, tablet, terminal or even a citrix server. We have successfully engineered life cycle management for endpoints on an enterprise level for 20 years.

Applications and Software Solutions by ConnectUNow

Simple but powerful applications and services by ConnectUNow

Featured Application - Email2Print

Email2Print is service that allows users to print by emailing their documents to a configured email address.

Print From Any Device

Print from your email application period! No need to download an application or configure any settings.

Enable Any Printer

No need to buy new email enabled printers which require you to print to a random address. If a windows computer can print to it, we support it!

Use your Email domain

Our applications allows you to enable any email address with our service. looks better than Right?

Guest Printing Website

Allow computers not in your domain to upload documents via a website to the same Email2Print enabled printers. No driver download needed!

Hosted or Local

Our solution is very flexable and comes in 3 install types. You can run it locally or within your Amazon or Azure account. We even provide a SAS model which limits what needs to be running locally. This saves time as your local IT staff does not have to learn how to install and support a new application.

Quick Setup

We can be up quickly for a demo, POC or full deployment. It will not take months to deploy our solution. Even better, we can be up same day with our Hosted or SAS offerings.

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